Steven Maffeo

On duty...National Defense Intelligence College

Special Navy retirement ceremony, on the gundeck of "Old Ironsides"

Still serving, Boy Scouts of America

To those who've purchased The Perfect Wreck as an electronic book, it may not have the, see my "home" page on this site, top left, and click on the pdf.

Selected Works

Nonfiction: Naval History
U.S. Navy Codebreakers, Linguists, and Intelligence Officers against Japan, 1910-1941--A Biographical Dictionary "This volume will remain the standard reference for information about the Navy's intelligence personnel before and during World War II."
—Elliot Carlson, in the U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings
Most Secret and Confidential:
Intelligence in the Age of Nelson "One of the top three naval/maritime books of the year 2000."
—Norman Polmar, in Seapower magazine
Nonfiction: Naval History
Seize, Burn, or Sink: The Thoughts and Words of Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson "Monumental ... magnificent! Captain Maffeo has extracted and collected a fascinating miscellany in "Seize, Burn, or Sink."
—Captain Richard Woodman, author of the Nathaniel Drinkwater series
Naval History / Historical fiction
The Perfect Wreck:  “Old Ironsides” and H.M.S. Java—A Story of 1812 "A highly recommended must-read for every naval enthusiast—indeed, for every American!"
—Stephen Coonts, 17-times NY Times best-selling author

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